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Get to Know Your Parents

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"Block has made a sad, delightful and half-accidental movie about his own parents which was the outstanding personal documentary at this year's (SXSW) festival... Profound and humane."

– Andrew O’Hehir, SALON.COM

rob de jongh (age 42)

Dear people,

It’s after midnight, April 5th, Amsterdam. I just saw your film on the
Belgian TV and I realized these days I can contact the maker by internet. So
that’s what I’m doing now before I go to bed.
I’d like to express my gratitude for the film and I believe it is of great
value for those who are willing to change the way they see their parents,
whether they’re alive or dead.
Me myself I lost my mother 11 years ago, didn’t have much contact with my
father since then and if he would die today than that also would be the loss of an
important source. I do have questions to ask to learn where I come from and
to get to know my parents more realistically. Your very personal documentary
is about a universal subject: are we willing to get know ourselves, even
when we have to deal with things we actually prefer to avoid? Can we learn
to live with those things we want to avoid? Make peace with them. Are we
willing to look where we come from genuinely to face live more
realistically, open-minded, and admit our kinship with each other as human
It was very interesting to see the way all the persons in the film were
respected: no winners, no losers. Just people who try to make the best out
of their situation.

Kindly regards, Rob de Jongh.


Hi Rob,
I liked your post. I felt that way too....especially the “No winners, no losers” comment. It’s hard to do that, and it’s one of the beauties of this film. which I loved.

By: Violetta dei'Contorni, on May 27, 2008

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