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"What makes "51 Birch Street" a moving revelation rather than a therapeutic exercise is Block's commitment to understanding his parents, Mike and Mina, on their own terms, regardless of what it does to his image of them."


Liz Swarr (age 49)

Your film hit home and moved me to tears a number of times. I too lost my Mother recently and had to sift through 55+ years of memorabilia in the house so that my Father could move into a retirement community. I was well aware all during my youth that my parents weren’t happy. In fact, when in high school in the 70’s, I pleaded with them a number of times to get a divorce, which they never did. In the end, the most important work to be done has been within myself, in learning how not to make the same mistakes, in forgiving and in letting go. Easier said than done. ~ Liz Swarr

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