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Block's hypnotic documentary, among the finest of the year, is a resounding success because it touches on things every child has wondered about on the road to adulthood. What really went on in your parents' bedroom? Did Mom or Dad ever mess around?"


Catherine Dishman (age 26)

I come from a broken family.  My parents were married at a young age(17 and 20), and my dad had to truck full time in order to support them.  They had their first child 4 months after being married.  Their 2nd and 3rd followed 4 years after the first.  The last child (me) was had 9 years after the first.  My mom couldn’t handle the stress of raising 4 kids and looking after a home.  My dad was gone most of the time, and when he was home all they would do is fight.  The were divorced when I was 5.  I later found out that they were both cheating on each other.  I was put in foster care when I was 6, my mom was mentally ill and could not look after me, and my dad lived 3 provinces over.  My oldest brother went to live with my dad, and my other two siblings were left to live with my mom.  My sister had to learn from an early age to look after herself and her siblings.  My mom and dad both remarried, and my dad had two more kids.  I was mad at him at the time, but I got over it as I got older.  I realized my parents weren’t happy together and I wonder if they ever were.  My parents are a disappointment to me and my siblings.  I’m sure they tried their best, but not their hardest.
Now that I am married I pray that when I become a parent, that I am different from them, more loving.
After seeing this movie my husband came over to me and told me he loved me.  We told each other that we were each other’s best friends, and that he is the only person I ever felt comfortable around and he is the one person that knows all my secrets.  We promised each other not to be like my parents, but I know we never will be because we have that one thing they didn’t understanding of each other and love.  Times will be tough, but we will get through anything together.

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