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"Wonderful... a loving, painful map of the gulf between thought and word, between word and deed, that props up good marriages, and sends bad ones to hell."

– Ella Taylor, LA WEEKLY

Boomer (age 51)

I wrote to your website several months ago, with my story.  At that time, I had only read about your family’s history.  Last week, I finally had the chance to watch your DVD, and am amazed at the similarities...even more than I realized when I wrote earlier.
Doug, I hope that you and your family don’t have regrets about publicizing your story.  It has helped me to know that, as sad as parts of it may be, there were several of us going through things like this.  And from your website, there are more of us than we ever knew. 
I’ve come to terms with it all, I think.  My 80 year old father apologized to me several months ago.  I’m sure it has to do with recent losses in his life, and the stark realization that his days are numbered.  I wish he had voiced his apologies years ago, but better late than never.  I can’t call them regrets; the second wife and family he chose has worked out wonderfully for him, and I’m glad he found happiness.  It’s never without hurt, though, for many others.
Thanks, again, for sharing your story.


Thanks for finally seeing the DVD and for writing back, Boomer.  Rest assured, I have no regrets whatsoever.  Nor did I even before the amazing reaction the film has gotten everywhere.  Tomorrow I leave for Moscow to screen the film there.  It’s been quite a ride!  I’ll try to share my reaction on my blog when I get back.  I’ve been bad about keeping that sucker up.

By: Doug Block, on Sep 18, 2007

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