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51 Birch Street


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"A lively, controversial but finally deeply compassionate portrait of an ordinary extraordinary woman"


ivan de monbrison (age 42)

I am a painter myself, and have lost my father young, i think it was at the roots of my becoming a painter. So my guess is that this film is a meta-film about what is it to be an artist if not to tell one’s story behind a curtain. Here there is no veil, the roots and the fruits are seen at once, the roots: family disorder and the fruits that is the result, the film itself. Why will other people relate to it is clearly exposed here while it is often veiled with other art forms or means of expressions. I think that this movie is more about why is doug a filmaker that about his family’s story, i guess it makes sense..could the answer be that he, and most artists, make a piece of art to adress before anyone his one guess is he has closed the perfect circle by filming them to adress them in the form that he chose unconsciously to speak to them at an earlier stage of his life…

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