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51 Birch Street


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"Wonderful... a loving, painful map of the gulf between thought and word, between word and deed, that props up good marriages, and sends bad ones to hell."

– Ella Taylor, LA WEEKLY

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51 Birch Street and the story of the Block family has had a powerful impact on audiences all over the world.  Now we invite you to share your personal reaction to the film, and how it hit home for you regarding your own family.

Linda Jason (age 37)

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randy acker (age 25)

Clint Huffman (age 25)

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Garry Burch (age 35)

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Liz Swarr (age 49)

Your film hit home and moved me to tears a number of times. I too lost my Mother recently and had to sift through 55+ years of memorabilia in the house so that my Father could move into a retirement community. I was well aware all during my youth that my parents weren’t happy. In fact, when in high school in the 70’s, I pleaded with them a number of times to get a divorce, which they never did. In the end, the most important work to be done has been within myself, in learning how not to make the…

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MIke Olson (age 55)

I saw your film yesterday and was deeply moved by it.
I grew up on Revere Road in Port Washington and was friends with a lot of the kids on Birch Street. I remember the Golumb’s, Merker’s, Korobkin’s among others. So I am familiar with the neighborhood. I bought my parents house so I still live there.

Growing up in that era it was hard to relate to my parents. They had me late in life (they were both around 40) I had a brother who was seven years older. so I don’t know if there…

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Susan O (age 49)

I just waatched 51 Birch St for the second time and loved it even more.  I was struck by how much this reminded me of my grandparents life together.  Although I never spoke to either of them about it, actions always speak louder than words.  My grandparents married in the early 50’s, he for the first time, she for the second. They met at a dance, my grandmother was divorced with two children and, I’m sure, looking for a husband.  I don’t think my Grandfather was looking for a wife, but pregnancy can change that.  Rumor has it, she told…

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Yoko Knox (age 41)

The first impression after watching the film is ‘Thank God women have more choices now!’. I grew up in Asia, but the circumstance was similar back in my parent’s generation. It was automatic to find someone by mid 20’s, get married and have children. People normally didn’t even question about marriage, how it works, what are the expectations, or even if you want to get married or not. Divorce was out of the question.

I’m currently single, have been divorced for 2 years and I’m the happiest ever. My marriage was a constant struggle and we tried the…

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Linda Castorini (age 55)

This show effected me in this way, where it brought up memories I need to continue to fight for what is mine.
here is my story:
I would like to see and find my older brother. Yes my older brother. He was born Sept 30, 1950. In Beth El Hospital in Brooklyn NY. ( now called Brookdale Hospital)
Before my mother died in 2005, she told me to find him, that “He was switched at birth.” My mother had a hard pregnancy and they gave her baby to a Spanish woman in the next…

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Jen Hunt Johnson (age 32)

Over time, I’ve put in a lot of thought about the themes portrayed in 51 Birch Street. I just finished watching the film for the first time this evening, and I am left with the most bizarre feeling, as if it were somehow made for me, at this moment in my life, and I can’t help but wonder is this subject so incredibly universal? But then how is it that we can’t ever talk about it, or acknowledge it?

I am a child of divorced parents (very divorced). Each of my parents has married three times, leaving me with…

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